PT Alter Abadi Tbk | PLN (State Electricity Company) in Bangka Belitung provide electricity for 10 biggest companies
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PLN (State Electricity Company) in Bangka Belitung provide electricity for 10 biggest companies


26 May PLN (State Electricity Company) in Bangka Belitung provide electricity for 10 biggest companies

BANGKAPOS.COM, BANGKA – PLN Bangka Belitungmendorong economic growth through the provision of electricity.

Until May 2016, PLN has to connect ten industrial and business customers with a total capacity of 2.6 MVA (Mega Volt Ampere), which consists of various sectors.

Tenth industry and business are PT Tinindo Internusa, CV Three Sekawan, PT Sanjaya Fisherindo, PT Belitung SJTR Industries, PT Alter Abadi Tbk, PT Nippindo Kaolin Abadi, PT Tommy Utama, PT Belitung Kaolin Murni, BES Tower, and BCA.

“We continually strive to help encourage investment in the Pacific Islands through the ease of getting electricity. Currently we continue to assess the needs of industry and business. Investors do not hesitate to come to PLN to get electricity, “said General Manager of PLN Territory of the Pacific Islands, Rustamadji of release received, Thursday (26/5).

Overall as many as 84 businesses and industrial customers already connected by PLN in the Territory of the Pacific Islands with a total capacity of 64.5 MVA.

By the end of 2016, PLN is targeting an additional 50 MVA to 65 MVA industrial customers and to business customers both new and additional pairs of power.

While in the near future there are some industrial customers to be joined by PLN and is now in the stage of signing a memorandum of understanding, among others PT Menara Cipta Mulya (555 kVA), Siloam Hospital (1730 kVA), PT Hokari Linex Pratama (345 kVA) and 11 companies under the parent PT Timah (Persero) Tbk with a power of approximately 10 MVA.

“This shows that the electricity supply in the region of Bangka Belitung enough. We wait for customers and investors to submit an application to be processed, “he said. (*)

Electrical Supply Hotel Andal
WHEN is the average peak load electricity system Bangka average of 130 MW while power capacity reached 144 MW. Belitung for electricity, 43 MW peak load power while capable of reaching 38 MW.

“Even on Wednesday (25/5) electricity peak load in new Bangka first reach 138 MW. This shows that industry and businesses in Bangka began to squirm, “he said.

Meanwhile General Manager Hotel Soll Marina, Sanny said that PLN service has improved since 2015.

“Compared to 2014 PLN Bangka Belitung services increases. With the improvement of this service we can reduce operational costs for the generator about 50% to 60% last year, “said Sanny during a visit to the office of PLN Bangka Belitung.

PLN has made visits to several business hotels and shopping centers such as the Ramayana, Novotel, Bumi Asih and Santika. According to the entrepreneurs that use the generator during the 2016 average below 2%. They use an average of the electricity of more than 90%.

“This means that the power supply to hotels and shopping centers more reliable today. We will continue to work to improve communication and services to customers. In the event of disruption resulting outages will be communicated more intensively so as not to disturb the hotel services, “he concluded. (*)