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About us

PT. Alter Abadi Tbk. is a Kaolin producer with the largest kaolin mining concessions in Indonesia, mainly supplying high-quality kaolin and some other chemicals and minerals such as ball clay for porcelain ware, sand for civil work and for glass-making as well. We are also a supplier of raw materials for paper-making. oil paint, porcelain and rubber industries. Nowadays, we become one of the top ten Kaolin suppliers in the world.


We will continue our effort to expand our production and keep a long term cooperation with our customers



PT. Alter Abadi Tbk. established in 1979 by Mr. Rahman Hakim as President Director. in 1993 we spread our wings by took over the shares of other four Kaolin produces who possessed of considerable production capacity In Indonesia. In 1994 and 1996 we won twice for the honor of the world-class Shawali Award because of our prominent achievement in enviromental managemant

Processing Flow

  • The good natural reserve of Kaolin clay in Belitung is very fordable for open-pit exploitation. After removing the topsoil about one meter in thickness by bulldozer, the Kaolin clay appears.
  • High-pressure water sprays the clay into slurry, which is pumped to the plant close to the mining sit.
  • In the initial purification process sand and impurities shall be screened off and then the Kaolin slurry shall undergo hydrocyclone, filtration, drying and some other process in accordance with the customer’s requirement until the best quality Kaolin comes out from the production line.

Quality Control

To assure the consumer to get the best quality of our Kaolin, we strictly check the Kaolin trough our Quality Controllers. All product from our plant shall pass the test before dispatch. High quality of products has won good reputation for us.


Since the establishment of our company, we not only introduced the advances equipment for our production from Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and Japan, but also imported modern instruments for our laboratory to guarantee the consistent quality of our products.

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